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Why the demand for Second hand Cars is rising?

Why the demand for Second hand Cars is rising?

Given the unequal economic growth consequences across the world, it can be experienced that the inequality index among the nations is rising up pretty fast. Even within the nations as well, the inequality regarding the per capita income of citizens and their social aspects are also moving up pretty fast. To add salt to the injury, the inflationary pressure in the economy is being experienced by the citizens to a great extent. Therefore, those who are having jobs and managing their families by virtue of their salaries, it is not possible for them to afford luxury out of their disposable income, as that is their only source of having a sustainable livelihood. Now, in order to spend a quality time with the family members, sometimes it is required to go out for outing or to have weekend trips. This is a kind of private time, which the family members enjoy with themselves, and they generally do not want others to get involved in this. In order to accomplish this, having a personal vehicle is much required.

Having a limited amount of budget, it may not be possible on the part of a person to purchase brand new car. For him / her, a second hand vehicle can solve the purpose at its best. A research study done by a group of subject field experts revealed that second hand cars are a profitable venture for the Indian automobile industry. Now, if the second hand car can be obtained at a discounted price, nothing can be better than that. For this purpose, people from same vicinity or society or organization gather together, and try to go for purchasing second hand vehicles in bulk. In this process, they can get a good discount on the purchase price, and sometimes they can get a bulk maintenance offer with group insurance policies as well, which are sometimes more than expected.

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