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Bulk Car Buying

Bulk buying is better than individual buying in terms of cost effectiveness. Group Car Purchase provides a platform where the committed dealers can meet trustworthy buyers and sell the cars at discounted rates.

Benefits of Bulk Car Buying

Less Expensive

A car when bought individually costs more than that bought in bulk. Bulk purchase helps reduce the cost of marketing and registration and the benefit is passed on to the customers. The buyer enjoys the privilege of driving a sterling car at discounted prices.

Flexible payment options

 The buyers have the option of flexible payment. Paying in regular intervals shoves off a nominal amount from their monthly income that is hardly tangible. The company can avail the payment in monthly installments and the service is applicable for both luxurious and budget cars. Therefore, being it sedan, hatchback or SUV, all will aid from this service.

Free service

Predominantly, when you buy a new car you cash in on limited free services. However, a bulk purchase may facilitate extension of your services free of cost.

Rebate on auto loans

Since dealers are selling the cars in bulk, they usually have tie-ups with the banks for customers ease. To undergo a bulk purchase, the buyers might retort to loans. Here comes the leverage of tie up that is passed on to the customers. For instance, the buyers might be entitled to an interest free loan.

Customized accessories

One of the most beneficial aspects of bulk purchase is customization. The company might provide the buyers with the option of fixing accessories in the cars as per their predilection.  You can remodel a routine car into your dream car.

Bulk purchasing is a profitable deal for the buyers and has an edge over the individual buying. Interested buyers are requested to contact the manager at