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Maintain to Sustain

Selling any product to buyer(s) may sound to be a tough job. However, sustaining the buyer in order to repeat purchase make happen, is a critical job. There are many firms in various sectors, which do not bother about the consumers once the selling is over. Consumer looks for maintenance services, which the selling firms are not able to provide. There comes the role of dissatisfaction of consumers and the brand images of the firms are shattered. It is not a new story in the consumer segments. Here comes the superiority of, a well-known firm for bulk car purchase. We operate majorly in the B2B segment, providing the big business houses with cars at a very cheap rate. However, that is not all. We is also known for our excellent after sales services. believes in the mantra “Maintain to Sustain”. Our consumer base is huge. In order to sustain that consumer base, we provide periodical services, as well as emergency services to their consumers. We have a specialized maintenance team, who can endow business consumers with their service at any point of time. The services include repairing, replacement, painting, and installation of accessories.

The presales team of takes care of the business accounts and the periodical maintenance activities. However, the business development team and the sales team are in charge of the emergency maintenance services. These activities are taken care of more often than not at the premises of the consumers. If any substantial maintenance is required, the vehicle is carried to the warehouse of and after the required activities, the vehicle is returned to the client. This service is free for first three months of purchase. In case, the vehicle supplied has come out to be a faulty one, it is replaced or the price of the vehicle is returned back to the client.