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Characteristics of Supply Chain

There are several business houses, which need a number of vehicles for official purpose. Most of them are heavy vehicles. In order to expand their business, enhance their transportation network, provide pick and drop services for employees etc, they go for bulk purchase of vehicles. However, depending on the type of requirement, the vehicle category goes for a change. For hospitality and entertainment firms, vehicles are of premium categories. For software and BPO firms, vehicles are either of SUV categories or of mini-bus categories.

During the boom economic phase, demand for the vehicles rise. Hence, it is needed to maintain a proper supply chain mechanism to cater the demand at the lowest possible time. has an excellent supply chain mechanism, which enables us to cater to such a huge consumer base. Devoid of that, it would have never been possible to attain such a huge market share.

Our supply chain mechanism is extensive, yet very simple. Robustness of this supply chain is enabled by reducing the number of intermediaries. We have our business centers in several countries. We have contractual agreements with various automobile manufacturing firms in those countries. Once an order is received, it is handled in a combined manner by both business centers. This allows us to reduce the cycle time of the entire operation, and buying small numbers from various vendors reduces the transportation cost and time. Due to contractual agreements, vehicles are bought at premeditated prices only. Hence, time is not lost in bargaining.

Vehicles are transported at the warehouses, nearest to the client sites. From those warehouses, vehicles are dispatched all at once. Generally, the average cycle time required for the entire process is two to three weeks. The locations of the vehicles are tracked by GPS mechanism. Hence, our centralized supply chain has enabled us to be a market leader in this business segment.